I’ve decided to henceforth make my tumblr mostly art and sketches, so if you’re here for the modeling and cosplay, may I suggest you follow my instagram: instagram.com/queenriot
Messing around with some Jaeger dress shots before heading to the gym! #pacificrim #cosplay #GDT #kaiju
Jocelyn sketch.
Reference from Posemaniacs.
Today I was a Jaeger Pilot!
Sketching Illustrations of Jocelyn. What would happened to her if she were ever caught and imprisoned. 
Sketch work for Psyche.
Trying to get back into a daily sketch groove.
"Can I call you Al? Or maybe Din? Or how about Laddy?"
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Under the Dog,
A independently funded group of animators trying to make something awesome. I fully support this. Check out the campaign here! It fills me with much hope to see this succeeding. I wanted to do a quick sketch to show my excitement. 
Photo © Mike B

 Shot in his hallway. His neighbors were confused.

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